Financial Analyst
New York

The Role:

The Finance Analyst will be responsible for managing, streamlining, regulating, overseeing, administering, effectivizing, galvanizing, and empowering all reports, metrics, processes, procedures, tools, systems, and mechanisms of or related to The Company finances. We’re looking for someone who wants to roll up their sleeves and problem solve, grab a Cliff Bar from the kitchen instead of going outdoors for lunch, and revel in a lack of appreciation for their work at the most innovative company in the world.

The Responsibilities:

> Prepare and present quarterly forecasts to Board of Directors
> Collaborate with senior leadership to set performance goals and track success

> Drive trade spend analysis and reporting
> Prepare ad hoc reports for management, sales, marketing, HR, facilities, legal, C-suite, blood relatives of C-suite, relatives of C-suite by marriage, office management, interns, delivery people, mail persons, vendors, and cold callers. Reports must be delivered on nights and weekends if so requested and do not have to be related to finance.

The Requirements (Education and Certification)

> BA/BS in Accounting from Yale
> MBA from Yale
> Master of Advanced Management from Yale

> PhD in Accounting from Yale
> CPA Designated
> CPA Certified
> CPA Justified
> Expertise in GAAP
> Strong knowledge of TAAXLE
> Robust understanding of BWAMP

> 30+ years relevant working experience in Fortune 100 company

The Requirements (Personality)

> Ability to self-start and self-regulate with little to no leadership or guidance
> Strategic thinker with in-depth knowledge of strategic theories, precedents, and history
> Takes ownership of his/her work
> Goes above and beyond what most would think was possible without having a mental/emotional/physical breakdown
> Passion for something outside of work - ideally is also a small business owner/poet/ranch hand/entrepreneur/physicist
> Funny