Snack Supervisor

The Role:

The Snack Supervisor will be responsible for coordinating, ordering, buying, purchasing, solidifying, strategizing, and empowering snacks for 48 offices across 7 different continents globally. He/she will report directly to the Sparkling Water Analyst, and will strive to achieve balance across all snacks with a distinct focus on wellness and fitness.

The Responsibilities:

> Oversee all snack ordering and distribution
> Strategize on vendor management in order to achieve spend effectiveness
> Manage a team of 15-45 Snack Interns
> Develop and deploy Snack Facts discovered by in-house Food Science Team
> Collaborate with Wellness at Work Team © to ensure all The Company employees will receive optimum snack choices despite dietary restrictions including but not limited to gluten free, lactose free, sulfite free, yeast free, sugar free, pesticide free, vegetarian, vegan, freegan, raw foodist, low salt, no salt, and high salt

The Requirements (Education and Certification):

> Master Sommelier certified
> Deductive Tasting certified

> BS in Food Science and Nutrition from Yale
> Masters in Food Science and Nutrition from Yale
> MBA from Yale
> Licensed yoga instructor
> Licensed pilates instructor
> Owner of at least 1 but no more than 4 yoga and/or pilates studios
> Spin instructor  
> Soul Cycle instructor

> Phizeeque instructor
> Capoeirbarre instructor
> Barry’s Jazzerrun instructor  
> CPA Certified

The Requirements (Personality):

> Tall
> Seeks order in everything he/she does, structured in approach but can “roll with the punches”
> Analytically and creatively minded
> Risk taker who plays it safe
> Hysterical sense of humor